The Noah Farrelly Memorial Fund

Our Mission

The Noah Farrelly Memorial Fund supports charitable and educational projects in Noah’s home community which reflect his journey through life and his tragic passing.

Our Story

Our son, Noah Bernard Farrelly, was born on June 6, 2000 and raised on the south side of Binghamton, New York. From an early age, Noah was a good student and a popular boy, beloved for his outgoing, affable nature. He had an essential kindness in him that was evident not only in his remarkably close relationships with his siblings but also in his treatment of everyone with whom he came in contact.

Noah discovered competitive running in seventh grade. The sport soon became his defining passion, and his distinguished running career at Binghamton High School earned him a place on the Stony Brook University track and cross country team. On both his high school and college teams, Noah was known for his sportsmanship as much as for his athletic ability. His humility and goodwill toward other runners were admired by teammates, competitors, and coaches alike.

On December 4th, 2018, just months into his freshman year, Noah was on a morning training run when he was struck by a vehicle while crossing a highway at the Stony Brook campus. The impact resulted in devastating injury to his brain. He wasn’t carrying identification, so it took several hours for our family to be contacted. The prognosis when we reached Noah’s bedside was unspeakably painful. Our son’s life was ending at the age of 18.

There was light in that darkest of moments, however. Miraculously, most of Noah’s major organs were unharmed, so we were blessed with the opportunity to turn the loss of our son into a second chance for six other individuals through organ donation. In our three days at Stony Brook University Hospital and afterward, we were amazed and humbled by an extraordinary outpouring of human and financial support from every community Noah had touched. So many people visited and called and wrote messages, sharing stories that gave us more of Noah’s life even as we were absorbing the terrible shock of his death.

The generosity we experienced in an incredibly difficult time has left an indelible mark on our family. This and Noah’s positive impact on the lives of others has inspired us to channel our grief for the benefit of our community. We have created The Noah Farrelly Memorial Fund to honor the life of our firstborn child through projects reflective of who he was, and related to events surrounding his death: scholarships rewarding young people for sportsmanship and exemplary personal character, programs supporting youth running and runner safety, and education and support for the lifesaving gift of organ donation.

We invite you to learn more about these projects here.
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